Sonntag, 21. Februar 2010

Hersteller gesucht - Mystery dolls

Ich mag Puppen mit Beruf. Auf diesem Bild ist meine Stewardessensammlung. Ich glaube nicht, dass sie jemals größer wird, deshalb ist sie mir besonders teuer. Die kleine Stewardess ist eine Ari-Puppe aus der DDR, das Emblem aus Metall an ihrer Kappe soll einen Kranich o.ä. darstellen, ich muss nachsehen, wie damals die DDR-Fluglinie hieß. Die geheimnisvolle andere Biegepuppe kenne ich nicht, hoffe aber ganz stark auf die Hilfe meiner blog-Leser, denn sie ist bestimmt nicht aus Deutschland. Man sieht es ihr nicht an, aber sie ist alt, die Metallfüße sind ein Hinweis.
I like dolls with professions. On this picture you see my collection of stewardesses - I don't think it will ever increase. The little stewardess is from East-Germany, the logo on the cap is out of metal and is perhaps a crane - I forgot the name of the GDR airline. The doll I need your help for is the large posable doll, she certainly is not german, but she is old with metal feet and in mint condition.

Kennt sie jemand? Zu viel Neugier kann auch schaden ... was ist, wenn jemand behauptet, sie wäre keine Stewardess, sondern eine Postbeamtin oder eine Busschaffnerin! Dann wäre meine Stewardessen-Sammlung mit einem Schlag weg.
Does anybody know her? It is a risk to ask because I fear answers like: oh, yes, but it is the typical uniform of an english bus conductor or american Post officer or... Then my collection of stewardesses will be cut in half.

Noch mehr Fragen zu ausländischen Puppen: diese hier sind Lundby-artig, so ähnliche Gesichter habe ich auf den schwedischen Katalogseiten gefunden, aber wo kommen sie her?
As of identifying dolls which are not from Germany, those are Lundby-related ones, but what is the correct relation?

Und nun ein unbekanntes Plastikbaby mit einem für mich unleserlichen Logo auf dem Rücken, 4 Buchstaben ungefähr, der erste könnte ein B als Großbuchstabe sein.
Last mystery doll is a baby with a logo on its back that I cannot read, about 4 letters, the first is a "B".

Nun noch mal alle zusammen zum Größenvergleich. Ganz links ist eine "normale" Caco-Frau, Ihr kennt sie vielleicht, sie ist mein Pseudonym, ach, hätte ich nur irgendeine Ähnlichkeit mit ihr...
Now you have them all together for scale reason - on the left the normal Caco-woman to compare. You know my pseudonym of course, so sorry she is not in the least like my real self...


  1. I think the "Lundby-related" family, really is Lundby, because they look just like the family I had in my Lundby house when I was a child, and with the exact same clothes as well. Except for Brio furniture I don't think there were any other doll's house brands to be bought in that scale here in Norway. I still use the mother and father, they are now called Martha and Osvald Halving, but a friend of mine has given them a makeover.

  2. The stewardess might possibly be a BAPS doll. I have only seen photos of them on the internet - I just googled BAPS dolls and found several in an online shop:,cs=Dolls:Cloth,id=4.4.html - they have metal feet and felt arms and legs and clothes and painted faces. The google search brought others up too, so have a look and see. They are apparently German, so maybe you know more or can find more on German google and wikipedia (no BAPS on, though - I looked!)

  3. I've just been having a look on ebay - item #270534857514 is three Baps dolls, and the seller gives the information "Up for Auction is this gorgeous,very early set of three BAPS felt dolls. This gorgeous set was created by doll Maker Frau Edith von Arpsa, from Nuremberg, Germany. Her creations were based mostly on classic fairy tales but she also designed and made some dollhouse dolls. This set is adorable and I am not sure which characters they are, they appear to be adults and not children (I have others up that are the children characters and they are shorter). They have beautifully hand painted facial features felt and cloth outfits, felt bodies and metal shoes. There bodies have a metal wire structure that makes the poseable. The metal feet help them to easily stand up. They are a small size and measures 6" and 6 1/4" tall."
    I first came across Baps dolls when I was looking for miniature cats to live in a dolls house, and found a set of the Three Little Kittens Who Lost Their Mittens. The set went for a lot of money - I bought Schuco and Kersa cats instead. And I prefer the Erna Meyer dolls faces - but these are very well made and there are lots of different characters.
    cheers, Rebecca

  4. Thanks pubdoll, you confirm my opinion, the first Lundby dolls produced by Lundby itself are of 1974, the man and the boy have the same faces, the women I saw until now had real instead of molded hair, so I was not sure.
    Yesterday I received a new fantastic book by Marcie and Bob Tubbs, Dollhouse and Miniature Dolls 1840-1990, ISBN 9780764332647 not too expensive in Germany, I paid 31 Euro for it, the main focus lies on dolls 1940-1970 I'd say and there are 14 pages about Erna-Meyer-dolls, nearly all fotos I have never seen with a lot of very accurate information, and Lundby and Caco and the Baps-dolls, I have never heard of although they are from Bavaria, just like Erna Meyer dolls.
    So I found all mystery dolls in the book, what a coincidence, even the crawling baby, it is from Lundby, I couldn't read the imprint so very well - so you two were perfectly right, thank you...

  5. Hi!
    The crawling baby is from Bully, Germany and the doll family is Hongkong made, never sold as Lundby.
    Kind regards Elisabeth

  6. What a coincidence! I must buy that book too - I corresponded with Marcie a couple of years ago after she outbid me on an Erna Meyer doll on US ebay - and in those days (!) you could still see the identity of the high bidder, and so 'meet' fellow collectors. She visited the Erna Meyer factory and museum, and met with Erna Meyer's daughter Gabriele. 14 pages! And the book isn't very expensive, is it?

  7. die ari-puppe ist vermutlich von a. riedler aus königsee in thüringen.
    der kranich sollte auch richtig sein, die dazugehörige fluggesellschaft der ddr war interflug. (es gab nur die eine)

  8. Ja, nachdem ich die Wikipedia konsultiert hatte, kam ich auch drauf...

  9. "Ich weiß, woher deine kleine Babypuppe mit der Kappe ist.
    Die Firma heißt Bullyland"
    ... und auch die letzte Puppe ist identifiziert, danke schön für die Mail.

  10. Die Stewardess ist eine Hilde Bartel Puppe, und wurde wärend des Krieges gefertigt. Es sind Vorläufer der späteren Babs Puppen die Hide Bartel mit Edith von Arps später in Burgkundstadt fertigte.Hilde Bartel war Malerin und lebte von 1890 - 1972

  11. Danke schön - wie findet man nun eigentlich heraus, ob die Puppe vor, während oder nach dem Krieg hergestellt wurde, frage ich mich - oder sogar noch von Edith von Arps Adoptivsohn in den 80ern? Woran kann man sie unterscheiden?