Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2010

Miniatur Haus - 1951 Wiking - Miniature house

In meinem Spielzeugladen steht dieses Hausmodell von 1951, eigentlich Teil eines Miniaturprogramms für Straßenszenen. So sieht es von innen aus. Und hier die Möbel.
Zur Maßstabverdeutlichung spielt ein Erna-Meyer-Püppchen mit den Möbeln.
Zuletzt auch noch die Werbung für das Häuschen von 1951.

In my Toy Shop I have this tiny house of 1951, part of a miniature program for street life.
And for scale reasons this Erna Meyer girl plays with the furniture.
At last the ad of 1951 which shows two Wiking houses.


  1. Incredibly lovely! There are similar houses made by Galoob Toys in the 1980s and 1990s. You can see a house on eBay now, I have this house and while I love the small furniture, I do not really like the pastel colors. YOUR house is very special, however, and I love all the tiny details! Thank you for showing us!

  2. thank you ... I'm really happy, of having seen it, it's the first one I see. Very cute, and even if it's so small, it looks like the real furniture. I shall be more interested, from now, when I shall see an electric train shop