Freitag, 12. April 2013

Plastikköpfe - Erna Meyer - dolls with plastic heads

Die 70er Jahre waren eine wirtschaftlich schwere Zeit für alle traditionellen Spielzeughersteller. Erna Meyer versuchte die Kosten durch billigere Materialien zu senken, die Glieder der Puppen wurden mit Plastikschaumstreifen umwickelt - sehr häßlich. Die Stoffschuhe wurden mit Plastikschuhen ersetzt, die Hände waren schon länger aus Plastik.
Wer dies alles noch mal im Detail nachlesen möchte, dem kann ich Marcie Tubbs wundervolles Buch nur wieder sehr empfehlen.
Von einem Experiment erzählt aber auch sie nichts:
Erna Meyer Biegepuppen mit Plastikköpfen!

Erna Meyers of the seventies. Be prepared for rather ugly dolls. It was a difficult time for every toy company and Erna Meyer tried to lower costs by using skin-coloured foam for the limbs - disgusting.
For details check Marcie Tubbs' excellent Erna Meyer history.
One experiment she does not tell us about though - 
Erna Meyer dolls with plastic heads!


Ja, ja, ich weiß, die Puppen sind auf den ersten Blick schrecklich, die Kleidung und dieser billige Schaumstoff,
was ist mit den modellierten Köpfen? Sehen Mutter und Baby nicht wunderschön aus?
Weiß vielleicht jemand mehr über dieses Experiment?
Yes, yes, I agree, the material of the limbs and the clothes are utterly hidious - 
the faces of mother and baby I find both impressive and full of expression - 
so different to Caco but amiable, too.
Who knows more about this experiment?

Nachtrag - Addition

After my post about Erna Meyer dolls with plastic heads 
I received two very kind mails by Marcie Tubbs herself:

I just read your posting today about the Erna Meyer plastic head dolls. You are correct, when we wrote our book, we made a mistake in identifying the plastic head Erna Meyer dolls. If you look on page 63 of the book, there is a picture in the center of the right column. We thought the dolls were made by Caco, but we later found a set in original packaging that showed that they were made by Erna Meyer under the ERMEY label. When we went back to our notes from our interview with Gabrielle John von Freyend we realized that she had described these dolls during our talk. They were offered between 1971 and 1985 at a very low price point. We show a model of the doll on page 158. It is the 5th doll from the left in the bottom photo. Gabrielle told us that she was very unhappy with this doll type and tried to change her mother's mind about producing them. Apparently, a higher priced line was introduced with plastic heads covered with cloth, and each doll had artificial hair wigs. These dolls were made around 1975-mid 1980's. We show them on pages 156-157.  

  I have attached a picture of the plastic head Ermey dolls with the package that they came in.  When we found this package of dolls about 3 years ago, we realized that we had misidentified them as Caco in the book.  One reason for the mistake was because I had seen a baby for sale on eBay that had a plastic head, shoes and hands an was also wrapped in the foam wrapping, much like the Ermey dolls.  I have attached a photo of the baby.  He has a Caco tag on his wrist.  Another reason for the mistake was I felt that the father’s head resembled the head of an earlier Caco doll I had.

 My husband, Bob, and I had always hoped to design a website for our book that would allow us to make corrections.  We have yet to do that and would be happy if you did post the corrected information.  My husband made a new “model study” of the various Erna Meyer doll types and inserted an undressed plastic head doll in what we think is the correct position.  

 I also had Bob take a picture of the dolls as I now display them in front of my 1960’s Gottschalk house. It is the only German house in my collection and it is special to me.  

 Please feel free to post any of the pictures.  I think it is so important that correct information be available to collectors.

If you ever need anything for your blog, please let me know.  I am always happy to help.
Kind regards,
Marcie Tubbs 


  1. I think I have one Erna Meyer doll with plastic head and hands - I will check. I have also saved photos of them from ebay auctions (without the sellers' id, unfortunately) - and, as well as some like these, I have several photos of dolls with plastic heads but regular cloth hands and feet (and the foam wrapped limbs)!

  2. Huch, das sind Erna Meyer-Puppen mit den Plastikköpfen? Ich hätte gschworen, dass es Caco-Puppen sind. Ich habe auch so eine Familie mit Schaumstoffwickeln, allerdings im kleineren Format.
    Hier gibt es Bilder davon:

    LG, Lilli

  3. Danke für Eure Antworten - in meinem nächsten Post am Samstag kommt Marcie Tubbs selbst zu Wort, die noch eine Menge Fachwissen dazu hat.