Samstag, 16. Juli 2016

Blog-Statistik - blog statistics

Wer interessiert sich für Zahlen?
Do you like statistics? 

Die 5 meist angeklickten Beiträge und Seiten in meinem Blog von 2010 bis jetzt.


  1. This has been a great post! It gave me a chance to find posts that pre-date my tie following your blog. I LOVE the post about the changing fashions shown on the Caco dolls.
    Though it would not translate fully and my ability to read German is limitted, I was amazed to see just how lovely these dolls are and how much attention was given to details on their clothing. I had no idea of their history and will be trying to find a few to reside in one of my little houses. For me, my dolls' houses are homes for my little people - I am still a child in my heart!

    Thank you for all the pleasure your blog brings to me.

  2. Thank you! I am always astonished about this all time statistics. Posts that I value very much are not mentioned and others which I have already forgotten are the most popular ones - but as I write just for my own fun it bothers me not at all. I will continue writing about the topics I - myself, personally - find interesting and hope that someone shares my preferences :)