Freitag, 6. Juli 2018

Puppen - Peynet - dolls

Erinnert sich jemand an die Zeichnungen von Peynet?
Do you remember Peynet's dolls?


Hier sind einige Peynet-Puppen aus der
Sammlung Borbeck


31. Juli 2014

Meine Puppe kam zusammen mit diesen alten Tieren zu mir, aber nur der Seehund ist ungefähr im selben Maßstab wie das Mädchen im Strohhut. Was für ein Zufall - sie könnte ihn doch gerade am Strand entdeckt haben.
My doll came with all these old animals but only the seal is the same scale as her - what a coincidence because with her bathing costume she could have met him on the beach easily.

Ich finde trotz des schweren Sonnenbrands ist sie eine kleine Schönheit.
Nur 3 kleine Punkte im Gesicht erzeugen diese niedliche Wirkung. Je nachdem aus welchem Blickwinkel man sie fotografiert ändert sich der Ausdruck, manchmal guckt sie gar ein bisschen dumm, muss ich zugeben. Ysé meint wohlwollend, sie gucke dann eher "naiv". Auf ihrem Blog hat sie einige passende Geschichten für >>>Miss Twist entwickelt.

Even sunburned she is a beatuy - why do 3 little dots make such a beautiful face with a character - the character changes, too, she can look a little bit stupid, I admit, but mostly the impression of a slight melancholy is stronger, like here from the side. Ysé thinks her face looks naive - she created some lovely stories for her >>>"Miss Twist".

Ysé: What a lovely doll ! I do agree for the expression (rather than stupid, maybe just naive ?) Melancholy is the word ! And as you discovered too, they can express so many different feelings depending on the angle you photograph her... we are also very much in love with your Miss Capri ! She has the seal of our approval.... Miss Twist loves her hat and her bathing costume ! And the color on her face gives her a very interesting blush...The Technigom looks perfect at the back, maybe she caramelized a bit too near a lamp (as the hand is "burnt" and as they advertised the idea in their catalogue to use them to decorate a lamp base !)... Her costume is all original. I think she is mid to late 60s and is called >>>Capri  - She seems to have had a little boat as accessory but it must be very easy to make her one alike...


  1. When I was very young ,a neighbor used to have these dolls sent to her from France. Its a pity that they were made out of this rubber sponge and therefore do age so poorly. Maybe someone in France would reproduce them in a more durable substance. Thanks for showing the pictures!

  2. Ich sehe grade das ich mich schon mall gemeldet habe! Herzlische Gruesse

  3. Cudne. Pamiętam rysunki w gazetach. Nie wiedziałam, że były też laleczki. Pozdrawiam :)