Samstag, 11. Februar 2012

Zubehör - Modella - Accessories

Zubehör für das Schlafzimmer: Kleiderbügel, Kamm, Bürste, Schale und Dose für die Frisierkommode und - welch ein Luxus neben dem Bett! - ein Telefon.
Accessories for the bedroom: coat hanger, comb, hair brush, box and tray for the vanity and - what a luxury near the bed! - a telephone.

Zubehör für die Küche: neben Geschirr aus gelbem Plastik und (nicht abgebildetem) Putz- und Bügelzubehör gibt es auch eine Küchenmaschine.
Accessories for the kitchen: not only dishes and cleaning and ironing accessories (not on the picture) but also a kitchen machine.

um 1966
Toilettenartikel, runde Tischlampe, Uhr, Buch

1959 erklärte Paul Kerkmann, der Gründer der Firma Modella Puppenmöbel:

Paul Kerkmann commented about his work, in "Das Spielzeug" in 1959:

“The child should have real possibilities to play with its doll furniture. It should be able to water the plants, rearrange the books, to make a telephone call and to open and close drawers; it wants to change the table cloth, to take out the carpet and to move the furniture."
So Modella's philosophy meant that there were always a lot of accessories included in roomboxes and furniture boxes. Here you see some of them.

 Zubehör aus Pappkarton


1972 Badezimmerzubehör - Bath room accessories

 ca. 1973 

tragbares Fernsehen, Radio, Flaschen, Tassen, Gitarre, Tennisschläger



So gibt es zu allen Puppenmöbeln und Puppenstuben immer reichlich Zubehör.
Hier sieht man eine kleine Auswahl.



Verschiedene Farben vom Kaffeeservice. 
Different colours of the coffee set.

Modella Werbungmit Kaffeservice, Blumenvase, Lampe, Telefon
Modella ad


TV - Modella

ca. 1966
Wackelbilder - lenticular images

Der Wolf und die 7 Geißlein
The wolf and the seven little goats 

Ab 1973 zeigen die Puppenfernseher realistische Motive aus dem Fernsehprogramm. Ich besitze bis jetzt 4 verschiedene.
From 1973 on there were only realistic subjects on Modella TV sets. Until now I have 4 different ones. 

1972 Quelle Katalog


  1. What Paul Kerkmann wrote is so true : tiny accessories make the playing experience truly interesting and being able to open and close doors/drawers of furniture, store doll clothes on hangers etc. too.
    Are all these photos on Flickr ? I don't remember the first and the second ones but maybe I am wrong. They would be perfect for the Miniaturesets group... or a detailed photos of the little bag content ? Thank you for sharing this.

  2. I added the missing photos to my flickr site and to your group - I never opened the tiny bags because I have them all single too - but I will try to remember taking photos of them.