Dienstag, 8. Juni 2010

Häfner & Krullmann

 "Spielzeug" 1962
 Die Firma Häfner und Krullmann wurde 1937 in Leopoldshöhe gegründet.

Die Wände und Böden des Plastik-Bungalows muss man zusammenschrauben. Bei meinem Exemplar fehlt u.a. das rote Flachdach mit der netten weißen Antenne darauf. Das konnte man zum spielen abnehmen. Mein einziges Haus mit Springbrunnen! Zwar fehlt die Terrassenabgrenzung, dafür ist aber die schöne Blumendekoration noch perfekt. 1963 gab es mein Modell noch etwas luxurioser mit Swimmingpool, Vorbecken mit Dusche, Sonnenschirm mit Tisch, sowie Außenleuchte mit Eckbank.
This bungalow is mostly made of plastic and has to be assembled from single panels. Among other parts the roof with the wonderful antenna is missing. My only doll house with a fountain! The railings of the terrace are missing but luckily the wonderful flower decoration of the wall is not damaged at all. In 1963 a more luxurious model was sold, with pool, shower, parasol and table, outside lamp and corner seat. The firm Häfner & Krullmann was founded in 1937 for fabricating plastic products.

Sammlung Anna Setz

The ad for my model of the bungalow:
"Modern plastic doll bungalow which was presented at this year's Toy Fair in Nuremberg. Can easily be assembled. 75 x 50 x 25 cm, with antenna 40 cm high. The roof can be removed, one front is completely made of transparent plastic, furthermore there is a terrace with a fountain. Through the glass front the plastic furniture in the house can be seen."

Von oben sieht man die Zimmerverteilung und die Linoleumböden.
From above the linoleum floors can be seen.

Die orange Haustür taucht das Wohnzimmer in ein interessantes Licht. Die scheußliche Postergarnitur lief sicher unter der Bezeichnung "Stilmöbel", aber es gibt ganz bestimmt Möbel mit mehr Stil... Sie wurden auch von Crailsheimer gefertigt.
Muss ich eigentlich ein häßliches Teil in meine Sammlung aufnehmen, nur weil es auch in diese Zeit gehört? Nein, das muss nur ein Museum.

The living room is bathed in a warm orange light by the coloured entrance door. Not the most stylish livingroom because of the hideous plastic sofa and armchairs, I know, but it is the original one, by Crailsheimer, too.
Does a collector sometimes have to put up with an ugly item because it belongs to a certain period?
No, because I am not a museum after all.

Schränke - 1964 - Cupboards


Ich habe diese wunderschöne Puppenstube
 - aber bei mir stehen leider nicht die Originalmöbel darin. Um so mehr freue ich mich über zwei Neuzugänge, die zugegebenermaßen etwas verloren in der Stube aussehen.

I own this wonderful roombox 
 - but I do not have the original furniture. That is why I am happy to introduce two new cupboards - which look quite lonely in the livingroom I must admit.

 Sammlung Anna Setz


  1. But you ARE a museum...at least in my eyes! I love this bungalow -- thank you for sharing. It is also nice to see the bureau identified as Modella. I have the same set in a lilac color! What great condition the house is in, too. Did you ever consider doing a "parade of houses" like The Shopping Sherpa did after her dolls house exhibit a few years ago? She has links on her blog page to all of her houses.

  2. Fabulous. This house reminds me of my childhood.

  3. mir gefällt das haus sehr, so eines hatte ich auch noch nie vorher gesehen. die möbel sind alle kultig und du hast völlig recht, die gelben sessel sind sowas von verzichtbar.
    springbrunnen ist ja auch ne coole sache für eine terasse, darauf muss man erst kommen. ich mag die farben im schlafzimmer.

  4. I agree with callsmall...your blog IS like a museum to your followers! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful little houses with us...and all the information too.
    Delightful little bungalow...I love the kitchenette and the grilling chicken...amazing that it survived!

  5. What a great little house! Molded plastic wallpaper design in the bedroom, as well as molded tiling in the kitchen, and that great lino! I love the picture hanging in the bedroom, too.
    The chairs look comfortable rather than stylish to me, and I find it quite interesting that people mixed modern architecture and some modern furnishings with furnishings of a completely different style. My Eagle Toys hexagonal house is like that - a very modern style of house, with lithographs on the walls including curlicued wall chandeliers. The furniture with that house didn't fit, so I didn't feel bad about taking it out - I'm keeping it, so it stays with the house, but I don't have it in the house because I don't like it. The great thing about a virtual museum is that you can show the same house furnished different ways. I quite like these yellow chairs and sofa, because they look so comfy and the yellow looks good with the lino flooring and with that wonderful door - how realistic, an amber coloured glass front door! - but if you don't, why not keep them packed away and put others in there?

  6. Thank you all, my family would agree of my cellar being a museum.

    I have a "parade of my houses" - as far as I have taken a picture of them - on my flickr site, where I created an album for each house:

    liebe oese,
    diese Hassliebe für diese Postergarnitur, die irgendwie auch in diese Zeit gehört - bis ich etwas besseres finde, bleibt sie drin...

    Dear Rebecca, your are absolutely right, e.g. I do not like the Lundby period furniture of the 60s 70s, these white rococo livingrooms and bedrooms and I always sell them quickly and keep the wonderful teak items.
    But the ugly yellow sofa and armchairs fit so perfectly and I like their being pictured on the Crailsheimer box and that they belonged to the house when I bought it - it is a dilemma...

  7. Yum,yum, paper chicken, my favorite. The design is still so modern. I love the Crailsheimer kitchen. Maybe make other scenes you like in the livingroom and keep the yellow set in the box like an anthropologist with the correct artifacts. They were meant to be played with, yes? CM

  8. How wonderful to see the house here. It is the dollshouse I had as a child and I have such good memories of it. It was still in the attic of my parents house about 15 years ago. When I wanted to get it 3/4 years ago it was no longer there. My parents couldn't remember what happenend to it. Such a shame! It was all complete, even with some of the furniture still in there. I started searching Ebay etc. for another one, almost managed to get one (complete in the box)on the German Ebay about three years ago, but was outbid in the last second. My only consolation was that the other party had to pay quite a bit for it!
    Last year I accidently stumbled across one on a Dutch auction site. I contacted the owner and she kindly let me have it. It is not in perfect condition, but it does have its roof, antenna and some flowers, and even some cute furniture. I'm so happy to have it!
    I hope you'll find the roofand other missing bits, but even like this it is a very cute house.